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About the Academy

Southern Region Big Picture Academy 9-12


Our Big Picture Academy

Kingston High School offers students in Year 9-12 the option of selecting a Big Picture program approach to learning. One Pod will be devoted to the Big Picture program. Big Picture is an approach to learning that originated in the United States and has been evolving and improving over the past twenty years. It is used by a number of schools in Tasmania, Australia and around the world.

Some students in Year 11-12 who are enrolled with Kingston High School will have their studies based within the Big Picture program. Students will have the opportunity to study a range of TASC and VET courses within this program and will also have the option of a shared enrolment with another institution. Kingston High School will work with each individual student in Year 11-12 to design a course of study that best meets their needs in relation to future pathways in a vocational or further academic pathways, including pre-tertiary courses.

What distinguishes the Big Picture approach to learning from other approaches?

  • Relationships, relevance and rigour are at the heart of the Big Picture approach.
  • All students have Learning Plans that they develop with their advisor (key teacher)
  • Learning with a mentor in the community
  • The close relationship between teacher/advisor, the advisory group and student. Big Picture describes this as ‘one student at a time, in a community of learners’

Which students are best suited to the Big Picture Academy?

Students who:

  • are self-directed and motivated by investigating their interests
  • want the opportunity to work on negotiated projects in areas of interest
  • are interested in undertaking an Internship and working with a mentor in the community
  • would benefit from a personalised approach and working closely with a teacher advisor and a group of students for the majority of their program.

What will students experience in the Big Picture Academy?

  • Project based learning informed by interests and passions. Students must meet the standards of the Australian Curriculum through their projects.
  • Workshops or lessons in targeted areas of the Australian Curriculum that need direct and explicit instruction like Mathematics
  • An alternative learning structure based on an individualised learning plan and project based learning that incorporates the Australian Curriculum subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and History.
  • Students learn a range of personal skills including time management, goal setting, developing project proposals
  • Instead of two options subjects students participate in offsite internships and complete personal projects.
  • Learning in the community with a mentor one day per week.
  • Students personalise their own learning by working closely with a small team of teachers and a mentor from their chosen passion and area of interest.